Dr. Paul Griner

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May 8, 2018
To whom it may concern:

Mr. Benjamin Payne served as the manager of a website that my business partner (Dr. Donald Bordley) and I conceived to help residents in training throughout the United States (www.talk4hp.com) address some of the personal and professional issues that they face. This initiative began in 2015 and Benn was recruited soon after we received approval as a not-for-profit organization. Benn designed the site, added the content that we provided, introduced measures to protect the site against hackers, upgraded the site in response to suggestions of users, and used his creative talents to constantly improve it. He worked tirelessly to ensure that the website met the needs of our users, remaining on call 24 hours a day to respond to questions, concerns, unauthorized attempts to enter the site, and to anticipate problems.

Benn was technically adept and, most often when there was a problem at the site, it was corrected within minutes to a few hours. The result was that the website was almost never “down”.

Dr. Bordley and I cannot conceive of anyone in the field of information management who would perform the services that we needed better than Benn Payne. In addition to his technical skills, he demonstrates all the qualities one would hope for in an individual; honesty, integrity, humility, leadership, and humor.

We anticipated that our website would no longer be needed once teaching programs began to develop the services that we created. After three years, we reached that point and the site was closed on May 1st, 2018.

I am pleased to recommend Benjamin Payne to you and would be honored to respond to any questions you may have about him.

Dr. Paul F Griner, MD, MACP, President
The Advisory Service for Health Professionals